Product Code : INTPREM

IDR 8,399,000.00

About This Item


The Forbes Intelligence Premium cleaning system combines high performance and user-friendliness with energy efficiency and the highest filtration system on the market. Its effective filtration of any allergy-creating dust, dirt and mites from carpets, furniture and other surfaces enables a sustainable clean home environment and especially makes it suitable for allergy- and asthma-suffering people.

A versatile and tailor-made accessory range for all kind of surfaces completes the assortment.


1. Intelligent Power Control: no power loss with the hygiene of the dust bag

2. Energy saving intelligent system

3. Silent and high performance motor

4. Ergonomic formed components

5. User-friendly handle control system

6. Modern blue LCD display with big symbols

7. Exclusive MEDICLEAN™ 5 stage filtration system

8. High performance automatic floor nozzle

9. Tested and recommended by the experts


Dimensions (W x D x H):                   57.5 x 25 x 23.5mm

Net Weight:                                            6.7 Kg

Max Power Consumption:                 1250W

Max motor power consumption:     1200W

Input Voltage:                                      230 V AC/50 Hz

Noise level:                                           65 dBA Max: 2.0 kg/sq. cm.

Operating radius:                              12.5