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Forbes Gold Nova, with patented intell e-boiling is the most intelligent and advanced water purifier. It integrates technology with the patented Surround Purity system, to give you water that's free from harmful bacteria, virus, lead, pesticides, excess harmful chlorine, smell and poor taste. Ensuring that it's absolutely safe. The Gold Nova is Gold Seal certified water purifier from Water Quality Association (WQA) USA, the most credible water purifier certifying organization in the world. Ensuring that you and your family get water so safe, it's the gold standard of purity.


Intelligence Quotient Alert (IQA) System

The IQA tells you in advance if the Clarity Cartridge, the Activated Carbon Block Cartridge or the patented

Surround Purity system needs to be serviced/replaced.IQA Indication: A single beep repeated six times, every two minutes indicates the need to replace the intelligent Clarity Cartridge. Two beeps repeated six times every two minutes, indicate the need to replace the Activated Carbon Cartridge. Three beeps repeated six times every two minutes indicate that you need to replace the patented Surround Purity system. These indications will be given every time water is drawn, until the service technician has carried out the necessary replacements. IQA is programmed for 6000 liters usage for the filters respectively and 5000 working hours for the patented Surround Purity system.

Mineral Guard

 Electronic impulses are produced to prevent scaling of the quartz tube, thereby ensuring that precious minerals and nutrients are retained in the water.

Intelligent Micro Controller Scan (MCS) system

The built-in Micro Controller Scan system automatically detects when the Gold Nova's electronic circuit needs attention.

Electronic Flush

Electronic Flush helps water, if the product has not been used for a few days you remove stagnated and unused.

Unique SMPS system

This system makes sure that your Forbes Gold Nova works well, even if there is power fluctuation.

Energy Efficient

The Forbes Gold Nova saves on electricity and conserves precious waters. 

Power Protector

The UV lamp is switched off if water is not drawn for 10 minutes, thus enhancing the life of the UV lamp. 

Intelligent Purity Sensor system

This Purity Sensor system continuously scans water to give 100% pure water or no water.

Dual Fitting Options

Dual options to install your Forbes Gold Nova. You can either use it as a counter-top unit or mount it on the kitchen wall.



Dimensions (W x D x H) :

310 x 232 x 418mm

Net Weight :

5.8 kg

Purified water output:

2litres//min (max.)

Input Voltage:

230V AC / 50 Hz

Power Rating:

18 Watts

Input Water Pressure:

0.4(Min) -2.0(Max.) kg/ (29 PSI)

Input Water Temperature:

5 - 45 C

Input Water Turbidity :

15 NTU (max.)

Input Water Iron:

0.3 ppm (max.)

Input Water Chlorine:

2 ppm (max.)

Input Water TDS ideal upto:

500 ppm (max.)

NOTE: In case the water pressure in your area is lower than the minimum specified, we recommend the use of a pump. If the pressure is higher than the maximum specified, use of the pressure reducing valve is recommended.

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

** Depends on the input water pressure and condition of the filters.

*** Systems is to be supplied with cold water